Add weather

Click on the Weather menu.


All weather created on your site are listed here.


Click on the New Weather button.

Basic settings

Start typing a title (eg. the name of the city).

Then fill in the Basic settings tab (basic settings):

  • City (required field, wait a few seconds to autocomplete)
  • Custom city title
  • State? (only required for United States)
  • Country (required for location, autocomplete).
  • Imperial or metric units?
  • 12h / 24h date format?
  • Display language: learn more about how translations works
WP Cloudy - Basic settings

WP Cloudy – Basic settings

Display settings

Click the Display tab, and check the boxes to show / hide some options:

  • Current weather? Current weather with animated icon
  • Short condition? Weather condition in text
  • Date + temperatures? Display the today date + temperatures (average or min-max, depends of what option is checked under Temperatures)
  • Sunrise + sunset? appears only if date + temperatures is checked, display time of sunrise / sunset
  • Wind? Displays the direction and wind speed
  • Humidity? Displays the humidity in%
  • Pressure? Displays the atmospheric pressure in hPa
  • Cloudiness? Displays cloud cover in%
  • Precipitation? Displays precipitations in mm
  • Temperatures units: Displays temperatures in Celcius or Fahrenheit
  • Today Date? Displays the current date
  • Hour Forecast: Displays the weather forecast for 3 hours 3 hours
  • How hours ranges: select the number of hours to display from 1 to 6
  • 16-Day Forecast? Displays weather forecast
  • How many days? Select the number of days to display weather forecast
  • Short or normal days names
  • Link to OpenWeatherMap? Display a link “Full weather”
  • Update date? Display last update date
WP Cloudy - Display settings

WP Cloudy – Display settings

Advanced settings

Click on the Advanced tab to customize your weather.

  • Disable CSS3 animations?
  • Background color
  • Text color
  • Border color
  • Custom CSS
  • Weather size? : Small, Medium or Large.
WP Cloudy - Advanced settings

WP Cloudy – Advanced settings

Map settings

Click the Map tab to display the current weather map. Many options are available like:

  • Display map? Displays the current weather map
  • Map height in px: Defines map height in pixel
  • Layers opacity: Defines layers opacity in %
  • Zoom
  • Disable zoom wheel on map?
  • Layers:
    • Display stations? Displays the layer stations
    • Display clouds? Displays the layer clouds
    • Display precipitation? Displays the layer precipitation
    • Display snow? Displays the layer snow
    • Display wind? Displays the layer wind
    • Display temperature? Displays the layer temperature
    • Display pressure? Displays the layer pressure
WP Cloudy - Map settings

WP Cloudy – Map settings

Integrate your weather in your site

Just copy and paste the weather shortcode located in WP Cloudy shortcode metaboxe into your post, page, text widget, php file…

WP Cloudy Shortcode Metaboxe

WP Cloudy Shortcode Metaboxe

You can also click on WP Cloudy icon in Editor and enter the weather ID.

WP Cloudy Editor

WP Cloudy Editor

WP Cloudy Editor

WP Cloudy Editor