As allowed some plugins like WooCommerce and bbPress, it’s really easy with WP Cloudy to create your custom template to display weather.

The main advantage is that you can create a completely personalized weather without changing the core of the plugin. In addition, your changes will not be overwritten at each update.

First step, go to WP Cloudy template directory:

Copy content-wpcloudy.php file.

Next, go to your theme directory:

Create a new folder called wp-cloudy (the syntax is important).

In this new folder, paste content-wpcloudy.php file.

Now, open content-wpcloudy.php with a php editor like notepad ++, coda2, sublime text…

Screenshot of content-wp-cloudy.php - WP Cloudy

Screenshot of content-wp-cloudy.php – WP Cloudy

Add some HTML tags, php function, modify/erase options…

Don’t forget to save and send via FTP your changes.

Et voilà! You have built a custom weather template. Notice that every weather on your site will use this custom template. Add some if/else to be more specific if your want.