How many countries are supported by WP Cloudy?

All listed in OpenWeatherMap (almost all)!

How many differents weather can I create with WP Cloudy?

An infinity thanks to WordPress Custom Post Types.

In which language are displayed weather data?

English, French, Italian, Hungarian, Hebrew, Polish, Russian, Danish, German, Portuguese.

How to define the unit Celsius or Fahrenheit?

When creating your weather from the drop down list "Imperial or metric units?" choose "Imperial" for Fahrenheit or "Metric" for Celsius.

How to define a custom title for my weather?

Simply enter text in the "Custom title". If you leave it blank, the default title will correspond to the text of the "City" field.

Is it possible to add multiples weathers in a same page?

Yes, except if the map option is enabled.

What is the source of the datas?


Where is the global settings page?

In WordPress admin, Settings menu, WP Cloudy.


No. Never.

Can I import/export weathers?

Yes, using the default WordPress importer/exporter tool (free).

Can I import/export global WP Cloudy settings?

Yes, in Settings > WP Cloudy > Import/Export/Reset tab.