WP Cloudy Geolocation


Geolocated weather for your visitors!

Your visitors can now get the weather of their choice:

  • via geolocation (HTML5)
  • via a manual search (Ajax)

The location is then saved in a cookie for future visits.

Version 2.0 also allows generation of automatic weather from custom fields like latitude / longitude or city / country.


Free lifetime upgrades

Buy once and get all future updates for free: new features, bug fixes…


You must have installed WP Cloudy 4.2+ or higher in order to use this add-on.

Tested on WordPress 4.5 and higher.


  1. Buy WP Cloudy Geolocation add-on.
  2. Download the ZIP file.
  3. Login to your WP admin.
  4. Click the Extensions menu, then click the Add button.
  5. Click on Upload button and send the ZIP file (browse > Install now).
  6. Enable the plugin.
  7. That’s it!


Unlimited sites

How to use?

After you have installed and activated the plugin, a new metabox should appear entitled WP Cloudy Geolocation.

This metaboxe allows you to enable geolocation on the current editing weather.

Just Update your weather to see the result in front-end.